Pocket : 1 – Around by soundpocket


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Pocket : 1 – Around (聽在)

published by soundpocket, Hong Kong 2010

edited by Yeung Yang


「Pocket : 1 – Around(聽在)」是由聲音掏腰包在2009年香港南丫島不同地點舉辦的「《聽在》聲音藝術節」而來。當中的文字包括林嵐(Jaffa Lam)、Mike Yui與Donna Ong的藝術作品的評論文章;香港創樂團在東澳村表演的「樂譜」(內附戶外音樂表演的歷史提要);整個藝術節的簡介,包括演出地點與演出者的相片,還有一張紀錄著藝術聲音作品的CD。

Soundpocket is a Hong Kong based sound art collective that deals in the various aspects of “noise”, everything from the ambient audio of the street, to spoken conversations, to the uses of the environment (or architecture) as a kind of musical instrument.

Pocket : 1 – Around (聽在) was instigated by Soundpocket’s “Around Sound Art Festival” in 2009 which took place at various locations on Lamma Island in Hong Kong. The text includes (among other things) critical essays concerning the art works of Jaffa Lam, Mike Yui, and Donna Ong; the “score” of the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble’s performance in the Lamma village of Tung O (along with a brief history of outdoor musical performances), and a synopsis of the entire festival including photographs of its locations and performers, along with a CD recording of the sound art pieces.

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Cover: Paperback

Pages: 370

Dimensions: 14cm x 22cm

Medium: Text, black and white photographs, 12 recordings
(75’42’’) on CD

Edition: First printing/unknown edition

Language: English, French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese


ISBN: 978-988-19480-1-4

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