Pocket : 2 –say, Listen


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Pocket : 2 –say, Listen 聽者言

published by soundpocket, Hong Kong 2013

edited by Yeung Yang

聲音掏腰包(Soundpocket)之口袋系列(Pocket series)的第二卷有不同類型的作品,包括回憶錄,小說,以及試驗作品。這些作品著重展示聲音與人類聆聽的動作(或藝術)。

這輯應有盡有的系列包括劉群章(Doris Lau Perry)在寂靜中的沉思,羅潤庭(Edwin Lo)對旅行時所聽見聲音的回憶,許敖山(Steve Hui)的試驗詩歌「聲音中的433個字」(433 words in sound)以及黃津珏(Wong Chun Kok)充滿刺激的文章「聲音中的政治」(The Politics of Sound)。

這本書毫無疑問地屬於「藝術書刊」(artist book)的領域,因為它不僅是跨類型的(或者是無法歸類的),而且它有精美的設計,包括彩色照片以及線條繪圖。

The second volume of Soundpocket’s Pocket series brings together an array of genres, including memoirs, fiction, and experimental pieces, all addressing sound and the human act (or art) of listening.

This well-rounded collection includes (among other things) Doris Lau Perry’s ruminations on silence, Edwin Lo’s memories of sounds heard while traveling, the experimental poetry of “433 words in sound” by Steve Hui and the provocative essay “The Politics of Sound” by Wong Chun Kok.

This book definitely enters the realm of the “artist book” not only for its cross-genre (or unclassifiable) approach, but also for its exquisite design which includes color photography and line drawings.

Cover: Paperback

Pages: 260

Dimensions: 14cm x 22cm

Medium: Text, color photographs, line drawings

Edition: First printing/unknown edition

Language: English 英文, Traditional Chinese 繁體中文

ISBN: 978-988-19480-0-7

Contributing writers 作者 : Doris Lau Parry 劉群章, Edwin Lo 羅潤庭, Law Yukmui 羅玉梅, Steve Hui 許敖山, Wong Chun Kok 黃津珏, Anthony Yeung 楊我華, Wong Chun Hoi 王鎮海, Susi Law 羅偉珊, Akio Suzuki 鈴木昭男, Yat Niu 一, Loretta Ho 何嘉妍, Carmi Lam 林嘉敏, Vik Lai, Grace Choi 蔡翠茵, Carlo Fossati

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