The Wandering Scholar



The Wandering Scholar

published by The Chinese University of HK / Visual Culture Studies

Hong Kong 2014

This diminutive colorful booklet came out of the Wandering Scholars symposium held at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in May 2014, but far from being yet another reiteration of status-quo academia (and the concomitant panel discussion), Wandering Scholars sought to critique and break open the format by urging participants to alter/adapt/and deconstruct that mode. Some participants engaged in performance rather than dutifully reciting the usual footnoted text, while others addressed their frustration with the “publish or perish” and/or rigorous referentially inclined strictures of academic publishing. In short, participants not only addressed “wandering scholarship” but indeed, allowed the mind to wander or “space out”, to such a degree that the conference ended with a ritualistic immolation/sacrifice of various academic texts.

The booklet includes short and easily digested work by Andrew Irving, Clifton Evers, Dredge Kang, Fan Popo, Ian Fong, Jack Halberstam, James Steintrager, Kal Ng, Katrien Jacobs (organizer of the event), Peter Chan, Shaka McGlotten, Swing Lam, Tobaron Waxman, and Yang Yeung (founder and operator of the Hong Kong arts organization Soundpocket). Some of the topics addressed include “On Behalf of Failure” by Jack Halberstam, “The Limits of Science” by Andrew Irving (in which he and a group of volunteers solicited anonymous citizens on the streets of Hong Kong to reveal what they are thinking about right then and there), and “Ghosts of the Archive” by James Steintrager, in which he states, “The professional academic may produce solid research, which is a term of praise frequently tantamount to an assertion that tedium is a mark of scholarly authenticity. But, like Hu’s scholar (in the 1979 film Legend of the Mountain), such an academic is innocent, blind, and unable to think his own desire.”

Cover: Paper

Pages: 138

Dimensions: 11cm(w) x 7.5cm(h)

Medium: Text and color photographs

Edition: 800

Language: English

ISBN: 978-988-13868-0-9

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