Woofer Ten’s AAiR Community Art Activism archive 1 and 2


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Woofer Ten’s AAiR 1 and 2: Community Art Activism archive

Published by Woofer Ten & Kaifong Meeting

The Art/Activist In Residency program was an outgrowth of Hong Kong’s Wooferten artists collective. As the name indicates, the program was concerned with the intersection of politics and art, of cultural workers and their effect on society. These activities were centered around Wooferten’s exhibition space which was located in Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon.

Both of these books document the various projects (and the invited artists who facilitated them) of the AAiR program that took place between 2011 and 2015. These artists primarily came from the Asian region – Japan, Korea and Taiwan. They approached a variety of topics that included (among other things) squatting, guerilla gardening, and organizing an artists’ trade union.

These books constitutes an important record and may indeed stand in place of the actual projects as most of us did not see or were not involved in these actions; these books therefore make us cognizant of the historical record (while also referring to previous actions or artists of similar persuasions) and continue to make visible a regional example of the way art might work.

It should also be added that Wooferten and its AAiR program well maintained a creative and good humored take on activism despite the inherent seriousness of their mission. This can be noted (for example) in their collection and redistribution of left-over alcohol (Moving Bar Battle) and an initiative to save a fig tree that was inexplicably and wildly growing on the rooftop of a neighborhood building (Save Rooftop Tree 23 Temple Street).

#1:本書收錄了「活化廳」在 2011-12年間進行的駐場實驗,包括9位/組分別來自不同城市的藝術家和行動者組織。這個駐場計劃一方面展示各地藝術家和行動者如何將藝術結合到不同領域的抗爭運動,亦同時紀錄了他/她們在「活化廳」駐場期間的創作實驗,並與油麻地社區碰撞出什麼成果。書中介紹的藝術家無論是策劃行動以感染更多人的參與,又或從身處的社區默默經營,都提示到藝術家的社會角色和定位﹣﹣藝術,又或一種美學經驗的創造能力,如何在社會/運動中創造凝聚「異議」的空間。


The two books are sold together at a slightly discounted price.

Category: exhibition catalog/archive

Cover: soft cover

Pages: 175(#1) and 132 (#2)

Dimensions: 370 x 250 mm

soft cover/text/color photography

Bi-lingual: Chinese and English   雙語: 中文與英文

ISBN:978-988-13136-8-3 and 978-988-13136-0-7

Price: HK$180